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Breast Reduction Specialist

Hollywood Star Plastic Surgery

Zareh H. Vartivarian, MD

Plastic Surgeon located in San Fernando Valley, West Hills, CA

Dr. Vartivarian is a leading provider of breast reduction surgery for women in West Hills, CA, and throughout the San Fernando Valley area. At Hollywood Star Plastic Surgery at the West Hills Surgicenter, he uses state-of-the-art techniques based on each patient's needs for superior outcomes and greater patient satisfaction.

Breast Reduction Q & A

What is breast reduction surgery?

Sometimes referred to as mammaplasty, breast reduction surgery is a surgical procedure that is used to reduce the size of breasts that appear overly large, or cause problems with back, shoulder or neck pain due to the weight of the excess breast tissue. Reducing the size and weight of the breasts can also reduce or eliminate the appearance of the trough-like shoulder indentations caused by bra straps. Many women are embarrassed by their very large breasts and often have difficulty finding clothing that fits properly. Breast reduction surgery can help with all these issues, resulting in breasts that are smaller, lighter and in better proportion with the rest of the body.

What happens during breast reduction surgery?

Breast reduction surgery focuses on removing fat, excess skin and glandular tissue from the breasts, as well as reducing the size of the darker skin around the nipples (the areolas) that appear too large or stretched out. Performed on an outpatient basis, the surgery is performed using one of three incision sites:

  • an upside-down T-shaped incision from the areola down to and along the breast crease
  • an incision that encircles the areola and then extends down to the crease
  • a circular incision that is made around the edge of the areola

The type of incision will depend on the anatomy of the patient, the size of the breasts, and the amount and type of tissue that will be removed. Once the incision has been made, excess tissue will be removed, and the remaining tissue will be repositioned and reshaped as needed to create a natural-looking, attractive result. The nipple will be repositioned, and the size of the areola will be decreased if necessary. Finally, the incision will be closed, and a special bandage will be applied.

What is recovery like?

Most patients can resume most of their normal activities within a day or two of surgery, with complete healing taking a few weeks. Taking pain relievers and wearing a form-fitting bra can reduce discomfort and swelling.

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